At Westman Reptile Gardens we pride ourselves on being able to display a vast and unique collection of reptiles, amphibians and invertibrates. When asked to list them all even WE had a hard time! Our collection is really best left to speak for itself but I'll try to give you a hint at what we have to offer. :-)

We currently house over 15 different venomous snakes including various rattlesnakes, cobras, adders, vipers and mambas. We have a world class collection of alligators , crocs and caimans. Snakes are one of our specialties. We have new world and old world ratsnakes, bullsnakes, kingsnakes, cornsnakes, milksnakes, pinesnakes and more! For the amphibian lovers we have lots of different frogs from poison arrow frogs to a huge African bullfrog! We have many, many different kinds of spiders and invertebrates as well as a variety of turtles and tortoises, lots of lizards from giant monitors to tiny geckos to beaded lizards! Oh, and who could forget the boas and giant pythons!

We dare you to come visit us and NOT be impressed by one of Canada's biggest and best collections of exotic animals! ;-)

September 2022